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Person(s) in Photograph: Lady Constance Malleson ("Colette O'Niel") (married to the actor Miles Malleson)
Description: Lady Constance Malleson with whom Russell entered into a passionate affair during the Great War and which continued intermittently over several decades. She was a successful actress and refused Russell's requests to have children. In later life Colette expressed regret to Russell that the two of them had never married and described the day she learned of Russell's fourth marriage, to Edith Finch, as "one of the worst in my life". The picture is inscribed: "To BR & Peter [Spence, Russell's third wife] - Xmas love from Colette."
Archive Box Number: 4,14
Date: 1937

"Russell's voluminous correspondence with Colette provides a rich resource of material on his emotional life"


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