miércoles, 23 de octubre de 2013

"When they meet by chance again a couple of years later, at a screening of Nikita Mikhalkov’s Urga, they’re both living in Ferrara, and they come much closer to having sex. She lets him into her apartment; but when he tries to kiss her she pulls away, and he leaves. Lingering outside, he looks back at her flat, returns, and she lets him in again. There’s a cut to them both nearly undressed on her bed exchanging shy caresses; he moves his hand over her entire body without touching it, then does the same thing with his lips — a scene that paradoxically makes one more acutely aware of the warmth of both their bodies than any conventional coupling would. Finally he pulls away from her, dresses, and leaves. She looks out her bathroom window at him as he walks away, and he looks back. Malkovich says, “He went on being in love with that girl whom he never possessed. Either out of stupid pride, or from folly. That quiet folly of his city.”


A veces, es mejor cómo te lo cuentan, que verlo.

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